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Photo Editor Plus


Enjoy this fun editing app – get this fun capabilities on your device, easily control the way you want you pictures to look like. Set filters, crop and make the adjustments you wish, to make sure that everything suits your needs. If you are looking for the right effect to make the finished look be perfect, you might just found it. If you enjoy taking pics and afterwards share them with your friends, you might want to make the best out of each one you take and share. With this cool app, you can apply different effects. You can choose to focus only on a certain part of a photo which is more interesting or maybe more appealing. You can later on decide to apply a specific filter on it that can make look more alive, more black and white, maybe with a higher contrast colors and much more – there are many to choose from. Enjoy an easy to use interface. Choose if you wish to upload an image from the gallery or take a brand new one from the camera. After you have selected the desired one, you can imagine how you wish it to look like and we will try and help you bring this dream into reality. With variety of effects that can easily be set and unset, you can view a certain image in a whole new perspective, making you think that you havent taken it. You might wonder how it looks so different in just a few seconds and a few simple steps. If you like the perfect look after polishing it so it will be exactly as you want it, this app can be something you relate too. You can always add effects or remove them, very easy to use. You can do and undo anything. You can select whichever pic you want – in fact you can sometimes surprise yourself and your surroundings how far can be the end result from the beginning. You might start with something and after applying a few tricks you can end up with something which looks completely different. You can surprise your friends, you family members, your girlfriend, your wife or any other close member with your great results. This app is suitable for all ages and for all walks of life. You can be a youngster who is looking to reach greater skills in editing capabilities. You can be a mother who wants to see the images of her kids more vividly and was looking for the right app that will allow her to achieve this goal. You can be a grandfather who is looking to show others what great results he can have when he is taking the pic. This app is free and we hope you will enjoy it. We hope it will be both practical and easy for your usage. Thanks!